Motions to 5 April Momentum Steering Committee – Nationalise steel; Lambeth library occupation; Hands off our schools

I have submitted the following motions to the Momentum steering committee today (5 April). Please get in touch to let me know what you think: I’ll report on the meeting, about these motions and what else happened, soon.


Momentum will campaign, and push for Labour and the unions to campaign, for full, permanent nationalisation of the steel industry – not as a temporary/interim or undesirable measure, not in order to defend British industry against foreign industry, and not in the interests of capitalists, but to save jobs, defend communities and produce for social need, eg the steel needed for building housing, public services, public transport infrastructure, etc. We want public ownership organised on the basis of democratic and workers’ control.

We will campaign for this by:
• Publishing a statement, based on this position and including the text of this motion
• Calling publicly for Labour to adopt this position and promote it in the party
• Producing and promoting a model motion
• Producing a leaflet for local groups to use
• Posting regularly on social media and producing a campaign image for use on Facebook etc
• Seeking to make contacts in the unions for joint activity around this position.



We support and will promote support for the Carnegie library occupation in Lambeth, part of the wider campaign to save libraries in the borough and beyond. We will publicly call on Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and other party leaders to visit the occupation to discuss with campaigners there about what we can do to defeat the Tories’ cuts.



We call on all Momentum groups to contact their local NUT, other school workers’ unions, Labour Parties and other relevant organisations – to initiate local campaigns against the Tories’ Education White Paper, against forced academisation of schools, against attacks on education workers, and to defend and extend public, well-funded democratic, comprehensive education. We will call for Labour nationally to support such campaigns, support teachers’ strikes and commit to reversing academisation and bringing schools into democratic local authority control.


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