Motion on NHS campaigning passed at the 17 March Momentum Steering Committee

The national Steering Committee of Momentum, which was elected by the national committee representing Momentum groups across the country, and which meets roughly every three weeks, agreed this proposal on 17 March.


We need a priority campaign: one that can have a launch, make a bit of a press splash, and give people activity that makes them feel part of a bigger movement – on top of all the local campaigning and election canvassing we’re already doing.

Why the NHS?

The NHS is a site of major struggle: with a doctors’ strike, bursaries under attack, and growing momentum behind community campaigns. It is also a core Labour issue, which the Party has good policy on (approved at conference 2012 [see here]). And it is socially very broad in terms of its appeal – it has overwhelming support which is not limited to a single sector or demographic.

The proposal

We should make campaigning on the NHS a central Momentum priority over the next few months. This should be a dedicated, branded national campaign to “Save the NHS”, against attacks on the health service, and in support of health workers’ struggles – with a social media campaign, model motions, leaflets, petitions and other materials, and support for campaigning by local groups.

We could ask all local groups to make this a priority, discuss it and launch campaigning including regular street activity and petitioning, visiting picket lines, and a campaign of motions in and attempts to mobilise their local Labour Parties and trade unions. On top of all of this activity, we should:

• have a launch of some kind (virtual or physical)
• call a national Day of Action, seeking to work with other NHS campaigns
• hold a mass public meeting in London
• organise a fringe meeting on Labour and the NHS at Labour Party conference
• support Momentum NHS to work with other NHS campaigns to organise a national organising conference on Labour, the labour movement and the NHS; and share and promote content from the Momentum NHS blog
• organise with Momentum NHS to get policy to Labour Party Conference.

Broader politics of the campaign

The campaign will support:

• The NHS Bill.
• Reversing cuts and privatisation, and reinstating the NHS as a universal, comprehensive, publicly owned, run,
funded, provided and accountable service, fully funded to meet clinical need
• Social care to become a free, publicly funded etc service
• An end to PFI and a serious solution to the problem of PFI debt
• Reversal of attacks on migrants’ to access to the NHS
• Support for the junior doctors’, NHS bursaries and other health workers’ struggles, and calling for Labour and the unions to organise a national demo in their support.


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