Resolution on the steel crisis and public ownership, from Brick Lane Debates “Corbynomics” discussion, 11 April


I attended the Brick Lane Debates-organised “Corbynomics” workshop on “The New Economics” in Peckham on 11 April, and proposed the following resolution as part of the discussion. My concern was mainly to feed into the movement’s debates on these questions, but at the end of the meeting we held a vote and agreed to support the resolution by an overwhelming majority. Here it is:

“We believe that Labour, the unions, Momentum and other social movements must respond to the steel crisis by fighting for full nationalisation of the steel industry – not as a temporary or undesirable measure, not in order to defend British industry against foreign industry, and not in the interests of capitalists, but to save jobs, defend communities and produce for social need, eg the steel needed for building housing, public services, public transport infrastructure, etc. We want public ownership organised on the basis of democratic and workers’ control.

“We will circulate and promote this resolution and position throughout the movement.”

I would urge people to, at the very least, propose and debate similar resolutions at their labour movement organisations – Momentum groups, union branches, Labour Parties, and to try to build links with the steel workers. Please feel to get in touch with me about it!


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