Two Momentum regions call for an EU “in” vote – keep up the pressure!


At the London Momentum regional delegates’ meeting on Saturday 30 April – which I’ll report on soon – delegates voted by a substantial margin to endorse the motion on the EU referendum submitted to the 21 May Momentum national committee by the Northern (North East and Cumbria) region.

The vote in the North was unanimous bar one. The vote at our London meeting was 19-6-1. I think that shows those who argued this issue is too divisive for Momentum to take a position are wrong. In any case, this is a crucial issue and we need to take a stance on it.

Let’s keep up the pressure and win Momentum to campaign for “in” on and after 21 May.

(Northampton Momentum has passed a similar position, as has Lambeth. Please let me know any other groups that have do so on and if you’d like to work together on this:

Here is the motion.


Britain leaving the EU would be a victory for the nationalist right and their campaign against migrants, almost certainly reshaping the British political and social landscape for the worse.

The EU promotes neoliberal policies in the interests of capitalism – but so does the UK. The British ruling class and government will press ahead with attacks in or out – and outside the EU, the barriers to their assault will be lower, while barriers between us and our brothers and sisters in other countries will be higher.

We support an “in” vote.


We oppose David Cameron’s reforms, which attack the rights of workers and migrants. We endorse Jeremy Corbyn’s call for a “Europe that puts people, not multinationals, at its heart”, through “public ownership […] democratisation, stronger workers’ rights, sustainable growth and jobs”, won through “alliances across Europe to end austerity”.

We call for:
­• Cross­-European working­-class and social movement struggles against austerity and for levelling up wages, conditions, services and rights, funded by taxing the rich and public ownership of finance;
­• Radical democratisation, including empowering the European Parliament;
•­ An end to “Fortress Europe” – freedom of movement and equal rights for all.


Using the slogans “Another Europe is possible”, “For a workers’ Europe” and “For a socialist Europe”, Momentum nationally will campaign for an “in” on this basis, making defence of migrants, anti­austerity and international solidarity central. This will include an urgent press release, a leaflet and a rally in London at least.

We will work with Labour, with “in” unions, and with the Another Europe is Possible network.

We call on the whole of Momentum to campaign on this basis.


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