Lewisham Momentum motion on after the EU referendum

The following motion was passed at our Lewisham Momentum meeting on Monday 20 June, to send to the Momentum National Committee in July.


Whatever the outcome of the referendum, the labour movement urgently needs to step up its fight against nationalism, racism and anti-migrant ideas – and rebuild itself as a political force.

Momentum should fight to defend and extend freedom of movement. Stagnant and falling real wages, lack of housing, public services stretched to breaking point are caused by the bosses and their government, not migrants. Our answer is workers’ unity to win more and better jobs, homes, services and rights for all.

We will stress class politics: the idea that the labour movement and Labour Party should organise, represent and fight for working people against capital, and in the first instance workers in all their diversity – British and migrant, different ethnicities, blue and white collar, secure and precarious, employed and unemployed, all religions and none – building a movement around common interests in workplaces, communities and wider society, interests which can cut across divisions of all sorts.


We also passed the following:

We welcome and support the Convoy to Calais organised by many national organisations to offer aid to migrants stranded there. And we condemn the French Government not allowing the convoy to pass and urge all members to sign the Open letter to let the aid for refugees pass.


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