Calling notice for Momentum’s third National Committee meeting

Please note the deadlines contained in this message. We’ll be discussing it at the Steering Committee on 27 June.


Dear members of Momentum’s National Committee,

Please see below for details of Momentum’s third National Committee meeting.

Date: Saturday 23rd July 2016
Location: The Priory, Queensway, Birmingham, B4 7LR
Time: 10.30am (for an 11am start) – 4.30pm

RSVP: If you are attending as a delegate, please complete this short RSVP form as soon as possible.

Substitutes: If a substitute is going on your behalf, or if you are receiving this email as a substitute from a previous meeting, please ensure that the relevant person is forwarded this email. If you are organising substitutes, please ensure that the gender requirements are met (at least one of two delegates must be women).

Pool Fare: It was agreed at the second National Committee that a fare pool would be organised. Please let us know what your travel costs are here. To keep costs down, please book your travel ASAP, and, of course, opt for the cheapest option. If you book today from London for instance, the journey will only cost £11. Please note that we will not accept fares that are booked less than 1 week before the committee meeting (Saturday 16th July), unless there are extenuating circumstances. We will calculate the average fare, and then will collect additional money on the day from people’s whose fare was below the average, to redistribute to people whose fare was above the average.

Agenda and ‘road map’ to the next NC: A motion was carried (see attached) at the last NC to delay the decision about the nature of internal democracy within Momentum to allow for a greater level of consultation with groups.

1) Monday 27th June: The national Steering Committee will meet to agree an agenda and recommendation paper on internal democracy within Momentum for consultation.
2) Tuesday 28th June: This will be emailed to all delegates and local group key contacts.
3) Between Wednesday 29th June – Tuesday 12th July: Local groups should then hold a meeting to discuss the consultation paper.
4) Wednesday 13th July: Deadline for groups to submit amendments.
5) Thursday 14th – Friday 15th July – Members of the national Steering Committee will composite the motions and amendments.
6) Saturday 16th July: The final agenda with all motions and amendments will be circulated to delegates.
7) Saturday 23rd July: Momentum’s National Committee meeting

Submitting motions and amendments: The deadline for submitting motions and amendments is Wednesday 13th July. They should be emailed to You will received an email to confirm it has been received. If you have not received a confirmation email within 48 hours, please send it again.

In ordinary circumstances, regional networks (rather than groups) will be expected to submit motions and amendments. However, as it was agreed at the second NC that groups should be consulted more widely on the internal democracy paper, we are allowing groups to submit their own amendments for this NC.

Regional Network Meetings: Due to the tight time frame and the fact that groups can submit their own amendments this time, it is not essential to have a regional network meeting before the next NC. However, of course, regions may decide that they would like to self-organise a meeting.

In solidarity,

Emma Rees
National Organiser for Momentum


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