Please sign – Momentum must fight in Labour for migrants’ rights and workers’ unity


Please add your name to this statement – and circulate widely. It is very important that we win our movement to a clear, principled and effective position that can start to make a difference.

Labour, and first of all Momentum, must stand firm for free movement, migrants’ rights and workers’ unity

To add your or your organisation’s name (please include affiliations/positions in movement) or just fill in the form below. All signatories pc unless organisation listed separately.


We the undersigned Labour Party/Labour-affiliated union activists and Momentum supporters believe that the labour movement must fight to guarantee the right to remain for migrants already in Britain, but also defend freedom of movement more broadly, and fight to extend it. Equal rights for all!

The social distress on which nationalism and anti-migrant sentiments have fed – spiralling inequality and insecurity, the housing crisis, services stretched to breaking point – was not caused by migrants. It was caused by the bosses, the rich, their government and its “austerity” program. We want unity of workers of all backgrounds to fight for better jobs, homes, services and rights for all.

Labour must not give any ground to the push against migrants, but instead start to really fight for clear, radical policies on jobs, homes, services and workers’ rights – funded by redistributing wealth from the rich – which can really begin to address the problems in our communities. That is what Momentum should fight for.

Jill Mountford, Momentum Steering Committee
Michael Chessum, Momentum Steering Committee, Young Labour National Committee LGBT rep
Ed Whitby, Momentum National Committee North East and Cumbria rep, Unison Newcastle Labour Link Officer, Newcastle East CLP exec
Joanne Land, Momentum NC NE and Cumbria rep
Yannis Gourtsoyannis, BMA Junior Doctors Committee, Holborn and St Pancras party conference delegate
Councillor Rachel Heywood, Lambeth
Rida Vaquas, Young Labour NC West Midlands Rep, Momentum Youth and Students NC
Ruth Cashman, Lambeth Unison Co-Secretary
Simon Hardy, Lambeth Momentum, Lambeth Unison Publicity Officer
Josh Chown, Surrey University Labour Club Chair
Hannah McCarthy, Manchester and Trafford Momentum Vice Chair, Momentum Youth and Students National Committee
Deej Lashley-Johnson, BAME Officer Manchester Labour Students, Momentum Youth and Students NC, NUS Black Students Campaign Committee
Liam McNulty, Momentum Youth and Students NC, Noel Park branch Labour Party Chair
Lotte Boumelha, Momentum Youth and Students NC
Hattie Craig, Momentum Youth and Students NC
Monty Shield, Momentum Youth and Students NC
Josie Runswick, Momentum Youth and Students National Committee and LGBT Labour National Committee
Anastazja Oppenheim, NUS National Executive Council
Omar Raii, NUS NEC, UCL Labour Club Treasurer
Ben Towse, UCL Labour Club Campaigns Officer
Eleanor Clarke, Holborn and St Pancras CLP Youth Officer and conference delegate, Camden Momentum Campaigns officer
Daniel Randall, Islington South and Finsbury CLP, RMT London Transport Region Young Members’ Officer
Katie Kokkinou, Kensington CLP Campaigns Co-Ordinator
Joseph Meldau, Bristol West CLP
Zack Muddle, Bristol West CLP, National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts South West rep
Alison Brown, Yorkshire Ambulance Service Unison South Area Secretary
Pete Radcliff, Broxtowe CLP Chair
Eleanor Litten, St Peter’s Branch, Tower Hamlets CLP
Sara Khan, Manchester Central CLP
Harriet Pugh, Unite, Gorton CLP
Amy Hills-Fletcher, Hackney South & Shoreditch
Elena Cotton, Manchester Labour Students
Nishat Haq, Manchester Momentum
Vicki Morris, Unison University of Nottingham branch chair
Joe McArdle, Stalybridge and Hyde CLP, GMB Union
Celie Hanson, Anglesey CLP Youth Officer
Lewis Macleod, Aberdeen Donside CLP
Conor Proce, Stalybridge CLP and RMT South Manchester
Maisie Sanders, Gloucester CLP
Mark Catterall, Lancashire Unison / Calder Valley CLP
Mohammed Mumit, Hodge Hill CLP
Joe Baxter, Edinburgh Pentlands/Unison
Emily Jones, Manchester Gordon CLP, Unite Community
Rosa Methol, Manchester Labour Students
Jean Lane, Penistone and Stocksbridge LP
Rosie Woods, Harrow West CLP Vice Chair Campaigns
Marlene Ellis, Streatham CLP
Christine Rimmer, Unison
Georgie Hulme, Unite Community
Tim Jones, Unite
Huda Elmi, Islington South and Finsbury CLP
Sarah Jeapes, Lewisham Deptford CLP
Pete Firmin, Hampstead & Kilburn CLP TULO, Brent Trades Council Chair
Hari Slade, CWU
Dave Statham, Hampstead & Kilburn CLP, GMB Holborn Branch
Graham Scott, Levenshulme CLP, UNISON.
Tamsyn Eida, TS4SE Cooperative Director
Thomas Armstrong, Manchester Central CLP, Unite
Rupert Holman, Broxtowe CLP, Unison
Hansika Jethnani, Students’ Union University of The Arts Education Officer
Ryan O’Neill, Whalley Range ward, Manchester Gordon CLP, NUJ
Alex Booth, Student Union President (FE), City and Islington College
Janine Booth, Co-Chair, TUC Disabled Workers Committee
Emma Runswick, Manchester Labour Students Committee, Salford and Eccles CLP, BMA
Sacha Ismail, Lewisham Momentum
Esther Townsend, Bexley Local Government Unison Labour Link Officer
Dan Jeffery, Lambeth Unison Vice Chair
Jake Lagnado, Unite
Bruce Robinson, Manchester Withington CLP, Unite
Andrew Coates, Ipswich Labour Party, Unite Branch Chair LE/1860.
Gary O’Donnell, Leicester West CLP, Community union
Andy Warren, KCL Labour Committee
Josh Berlyne, Sheffield Hallam CLP
Beverly Keenan, Manchester Withington CLP, Momentum, NUT
Mike Rowley, Oxford East CLP
Alan Theasby, Middlesbrough CLP, Unite Community Tees Valley branch
Leonie Hannan, Labour Party of Northern Ireland, Belfast Forum Vice Chair
Nathan Rogers, Dulwich and West Norwood Labour Party
Liam Cooper, Lambeth Momentum Steering Committee, Vauxhall CLP
Jan O’Malley, Vauxhall CLP, Lambeth Momentum
Gurmeet Khurana, Lambeth Unison, Streatham CLP
Jamie Sims, South West Surrey CLP, NCAFC NC
Duncan Morrison, Lewisham Deptford CLP, GC and EC delegate
Shlomo Dowen, Mansfield CLP
Paul Swift, Broxtowe CLP Unison delegate
Pat Ratcliffe, Broxtowe CLP
Sheila Ravnkilde, Broxtowe CLP
Rachel Bannister, NUT
Rose Bulfin, Bolsover CLP, Unison, South Normanton Parush Councillor
Dr Joseph Baxter, Broxtowe CLP
Adam O’Connell, Southwark Momentum
Ingrid Green, Unison
Tim Cooper, Nottingham East CLP, Unite, delegate/treasurer
Kristian Ravnkilde, Broxtowe CLP
Simon Cross, Broxtowe CLP, UCU
Lorraine Harding, Gedling CLP
Graham Lester George
Caroline Kerr
Joseph Finlay, Brent Central CLP
Tom Skinner, Unite Community
Chris Swann, Momentum
Orla Foster, Unison, Sheffield University
Yoni Higgsmith, Jewish Voice UK