Update: Momentum National Committee is now Saturday 5 November

The date has changed – it is now Saturday 5 November. I will circulate more details when I have them. (I think it’s still in Birmingham but need to check that.)

See here for the proposals on democratic national structures Michael Chessum and I put forward to the Momentum Steering Committee on 20 September. The meeting was declared inquorate and so did not discuss documents. More soon.

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Proposal for democratic national structures in Momentum, made to Momentum steering committee, 20 September

Tonight (20 September) the national Momentum steering committee is meeting and will discuss proposals for national structures for Momentum as it goes forward.

Unfortunately – but typically – Steering Committee members have not had the promised proposals circulated to them. As a result, we have been denied the opportunity to consider, write amendments or come up with alternative proposals in advance. This is part of a wider problem in Momentum about information and proposals not being circulated and decision-making not being properly subject to democratic control.

Myself and fellow Steering member Michael Chessum have come up with a draft proposal which we have circulated to the Steering Committee and which is attached below. Whether it is agreed tonight or not we will argue it must be circulated to members and groups in the run up to the National Committee meeting (22 October, Birmingham) – and also that the first national conference due to take place in February next year must have decisive say over the permanent structures.

I plan to write more about democracy in Momentum soon. I will also report from tonight’s Steering meeting.

Two additional comments from me:

1. I plan to move an amendment to add that the Steering and National Committees should circulate their minutes to all members (Michael agrees with this).
2. I don’t think four times a year is enough for the NC to meet – it should be at least five times a year, if not more.
3. I am not a hundred percent enthusiastic about electing part of the National Committee by “one member one vote” ballot and would prefer the whole thing to be elected by the conference, to avoid a media-driven Blairite-type set-up and allow proper accountability to the representatives of local groups. Having said that, I think the mixed form of election we propose (part by conference and part by OMOV ballot) is workable and not unreasonable.

Please get in touch to let me know what you think: jillmountford@rocketmail.com


Draft proposal put to 20 October Momentum Steering Committee by Michael Chessum and Jill Mountford

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