Update: Momentum National Committee is now Saturday 5 November

The date has changed – it is now Saturday 5 November. I will circulate more details when I have them. (I think it’s still in Birmingham but need to check that.)

See here for the proposals on democratic national structures Michael Chessum and I put forward to the Momentum Steering Committee on 20 September. The meeting was declared inquorate and so did not discuss documents. More soon.

Feel free to get in touch: jillmountford@rocketmail.com


2 thoughts on “Update: Momentum National Committee is now Saturday 5 November”

  1. Dear Gill Mountford,
    I understand your attempts reduce the sense that injustice shown to Jackie Walker and that you voted in a less punitive way than the final decision is percieved.
    I am sorry and concerned that your report does not the context of the exact words Jackie Walker used.
    I am more saddened by the successful attempts of malicious people to attack Jackie Walker’s political career due to her questioning and assessment of historical stereotypes.
    Last night Momentum Oxford voted ( approximately 90% majority ) that a letter protesting the Momentum Steering Committee decision and asking that Jackie Walker is reinstated.
    Thank you. Ed Surridge


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