London Momentum regional network statement on suspensions from the Labour Party and Jackie Walker

The Momentum London regional network, representing local groups, agreed this statement, which it is circulating as a petition, at its meeting on 15 October. You can download it as a petition to print off here.

I will publish a report of the meeting and its decisions soon.

London Region Momentum

1. Condemns the unjust suspension of Labour Party members, many of whom are Black, Muslim, committed anti-racists and/or Jewish supporters of Palestinian rights.
2. Calls for Momentum to campaign against the purge of thousands of Labour Party members and supporters in the run up to the Leadership election, some of which were targeted for spurious reasons such as tweeting about other political parties. Free speech is a right that should be respected by the Labour Party Compliance Unit.
3. Calls for Jackie Walker, a Jewish Black woman and anti-racist campaigner, to be reinstated into the Labour Party.
4. Calls for discussion on democratic structures and procedures, suspensions and elections at the national conference in February.


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