Momentum to mobilise to support Picturehouses workers’ dispute

hackneystrike2On Monday 17 October I proposed the following motion to the Momentum national Steering Committee and it was passed unanimously.

A socialist movement should see helping workers win their struggles as a basic part of what it does; and in this case in particular, our solidarity can potentially make a big difference.

In the next week I’ll be pushing hard for energetic action to implement the motion. Please raise the issue in your Momentum group or region, Labour Party, trade union, Labour Club or other organisation. The motion contains ideas on what you can do to support the strikes.

(For more on the dispute, which is a struggle by low-paid cinema workers in the Picturehouses chain for the living wage and other demands, see the Facebook pages of the two group of Picturehouses workers on strike so far – here and here. Or see this press release by their union BECTU here. For more information or a speaker contact Kelly Rogers on 07493 040525 or Kiv Legate on 07794 422629 or email


Motion to Momentum Steering Committee: Picturehouses strike

We appreciate the significance of the Picturehouses dispute, both as a bright spot in the general picture of low strike figures, and as a case of action by mainly young, precarious workers in private service industry. This battle has great significance. Momentum nationally should work hard to help the Picturehouses workers win.

As a Steering Committee we therefore resolve

1. To write to every group and all members and supporters about how they can support the Picturehouse workers, including by
• Raising the dispute in their local labour movement, putting motions and inviting speakers to their Momentum, Labour Party, trade union or other meetings.
• Organising collections (and considering organising a fundraising event).
• Organising protests, pickets or direct actions at Picturehouse and Cineworld cinemas. [Having discussed with Picturehouses activists, I would add: if you want to do this, contact the Picturehouses workers on strike in London first to get advise – see details above.]
• Talking to local cinema workers about the dispute.
2. To donate £200 to their strike fund and organise a collection at the upcoming NC. To organise a collection now at this meeting among ourselves.
3. To organise a Steering Committee visit to a picket line and press release this.
4. To approach Jeremy Corbyn to ask him to visit a picket line.
5. To circulate model motions for Labour Parties and trade unions.


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