Momentum Steering Committee cancels 5 November NC, but we win vote for new date (including who voted how)

Tonight’s Momentum Steering Committee, which I blogged about earlier here, voted by 6 votes to 3 with 1 abstention* to cancel the 5 November NC.

I then moved to call an NC meeting on 3 December, with Cecile Wright seconding. This was approved 6 votes to 4 abstentions**. When – or if – this meeting takes place, we will not have had an NC for seven eventful months!

The view of at least some of those who abstained was summed up by Sam Tarry, who said (this is a verbatim quote): “Why bother with a national committee, let’s go straight to an OMOV conference!”

I will explain the significance of this statement in a longer report that I’ll put out shortly.

PS It now seems 3 December may become 10 December. Assuming of course the meeting goes ahead at all…

* For cancelling 5 November: Jon Lansman, Darren Williams, Sam Tarry, Marsha Jane Thompson, Christine Shawcroft, Sam Wheeler.
Against: Jill Mountford, Michael Chessum, Cecile Wright.
Abstaining: Martyn Cook.

** For calling a new NC in December: Darren Williams, Martyn Cook, Cecile Wright, Jill Mountford, Michael Chessum, Christine Shawcroft.
Abstaining: Jon Lansman, Marsha Jane Thompson, Sam Wheeler, Sam Tarry.

Matt Wrack and Jackie Walker were not able to be present due to the absurdly and unreasonably short notice at which the meeting was called. Both had made their strong opposition to cancelling the 5 November NC and to this “emergency meeting” known in advance.


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