The fight for democracy in Momentum: nine links in one place

I’ve posted a lot in the last period so I’m pulling it all together in one place. I hope this will be useful.

A short statement for the press (28 October)

Emergency motion for London region Momentum network (29 October) (28 October)

Report of controversial 28 October “emergency” Momentum Steering Committee (28 October)

Statement from my fellow Steering Committee member Michael Chessum (28 October)

Momentum Steering Committee cancels 5 November NC, but we win vote for new date (including who voted how) (28 October)

Composited document on Momentum structures from Jill Mountford and Matt Wrack (28 October)

Momentum conference in February: let’s take this opportunity to democratise Momentum (proposal to the NC) (11 October)

Momentum Steering Committee’s removal of Jackie Walker as Vice Chair – how I voted and why (part 1) (5 October)

Update: Momentum National Steering Committee is now Saturday 5 November (21 September)


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