Motion to Momentum national steering committee on scandal in Brighton Labour Party

I am submitting the following motion to the Momentum national Steering Committee meeting on Wednesday 2 November. For more information on what is happening in Brighton, see here.

Feel free to get in touch:

“The attack on democracy and members’ rights in Brighton Labour Party is a serious test case. The movement must resist vigorously, giving full and active solidarity to the Brighton comrades.

“We therefore agree to issue a public statement and press release, condemning what has happened in Brighton, calling for a storm of protest throughout the party and labour movement, and urging the party leadership to make a fuss about this. Momentum nationally will promote this issue on social media, and work to get Brighton Momentum/Labour left speakers at Momentum and Labour meetings throughout the country.

“We will support and promote the Brighton Momentum protest meeting on 9 November. Representatives of the Steering Committee (including any member who wants to) will urgently meet representatives of Brighton Momentum to discuss campaigning on this and how else we can help them.”

markandlloydExpelled Brighton Labour Party chair Mark Sandell and newly elected councillor Lloyd Russell-Moyle

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