No excuse to cancel 10 December Momentum NC!

At tomorrow’s Steering Committee meeting (2 November), we will be moving to restore the 5 November National Committee meeting. If that does not succeed, we will be moving to reaffirm the date of 10 December for the NC.

Those who cancelled the 5 November NC are already making noises about cancelling 10 December, with two excuses being cited:

1. A Workers’ Liberty event about 50 years of our political tendency, Reason in Revolt. Workers’ Liberty has written formally to make very clear that it does not object to the clash and the NC should not be cancelled on this account.

2. The Welsh Labour Grassroots conference. But every weekend involves a clash of some sort. Welsh Labour Grassroots can still send a delegate or delegates to the NC. It is not as if no one has ever missed a political event to do other important business on behalf of their organisation.

Momentum members must insist the NC goes ahead.


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