Informal discussions in Birmingham bring clarity and unity

Yesterday’s informal get-together in Birmingham, organised when the Steering Committee once again cancelled the National Committee, was positive, engaging and helped clarify discussion on many central issues in Momentum.

It brought together 35 Momentum organisers from around the country, 18 NC delegates (including four Steering Commmittee members) and 17 other members (mostly representing a Momentum organisation). NC delegates came from London, North East and Cumbria, West Midlands, Eastern, South East, South West, Yorkshire and Humberside, Momentum Youth and Students, Momentum Disabled members, LRC, Red Labour, Fire Brigades Union. Other members came from East Midlands and North West and some regional BAME reps.

After some really good quality discussion, we put together a list of fundamental issues we want to raise at the National Committee on December 3 (city and venue tbc).

We urge local groups and regions to consider the issues covered in the motion below and pass some variation of this to forward to the December 3 NC. I am also putting together a motion to be submitted to the National Committee on a voting delegate based conference. Keep an eye out for it over the next day or two.

If you want further clarification on any of the issues raised in the motion please do not hesitate to contact me:


A motion to go to the National Committee December 3 (adapt and amend if you wish)

Democracy, accountability and local groups

We have a collective responsibility to make the most of this historic opportunity to build Momentum into a mass campaigning movement that can take on the task of transforming the Labour Party and champion socialist policies in the LP and broader LM.
To do this we need an organisation fit for purpose.

The National Committee agrees that:
1. Local groups are the central organised activist base of Momentum. All members of Momentum should be encouraged to join and get involved in local group work. For those members where groups don’t presently exist the Momentum office and the regions should support the establishment of new groups. We should use FB and e.groups as a tool to bring people together to establish new groups.There are too many bureaucratic impediments to setting up local groups. These need to be refined and made more straightforward.
2. We should empower regional networks and regional National Committee reps with the resources and staff support as needed to help launch groups in every locality not covered by a Momentum group, this will include working with existing groups to determine where we need more groups or where an existing group can include a neighbouring borough until they can function on their own.
3. In between National Annual Conferences, the National Committee is the higher elected body. The Steering Committee is elected from the National Committee. The existing Steering Committee is well past its sell-by date and has therefore lost its’ legitimacy. We must, therefore, elect a new Steering Committee from this National Committee.
4. In the interests of good communications and transparency, we should have a structures page on the website that says what the structures are in Momentum and who serves on the various committees (giving, with permission, contact details for our elected representatives). As well as minutes and decisions from all SC and NC meetings including all motions voted on. This can also provide a place for regional network minutes to be shared.
5. We need a full investigation and consideration of the two Limited Companies associated with Momentum. Though these companies are ‘associated’ with Momentum, one of the companies, for example, holds all the data, and has only one director, Jon Lansman. The other has two directors, Jon Lansman and Sam Tarry. These companies need to be brought under the control of the democratic structures. We should elect three delegates from the National Committee to conduct this investigation with administrative support from a staff member.
6. Momentum needs a rule-book in order to function as a fair and democratic organisation. The NC should set up a working group made up of 5 delegates, with support from a staff member, to come up with an initial draft to be put to the national conference.

One thought on “Informal discussions in Birmingham bring clarity and unity”

  1. “There are too many bureaucratic impediments to setting up local groups. These need to be refined and made more straightforward”

    We at Broxtowe Momentum could not agree more.

    We will discuss the unofficial November meeting and what we want to happen at the December meeting at our monthly Broxtowe members meeting and feeback.


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