Shocking turn of events! Stay in Momentum and build a local groups network!

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All democratic structures in Momentum were dissolved last evening and a new constitution adopted via an email put out by Jon Lansman to the other 11 voting National Steering Committee members.

“If this constitution is agreed, the effect would be to wind up the SC, the NC and CAC, with immediate effect, though the conference would go ahead but under the new rules, no motions would be considered.”

There was no prior notice to find out who might be available to take part in this email vote, there was no discussion about the significant content of Jon’s email or the 4 attached documents one of which is a constitution for the organisation and surely worthy of much discussion. Just a simple vote in favour or against and as soon as a majority had been reached supporting Jon’s proposals (it took less than a hour – 6 votes for and 4 votes against) dissolution of all structures was announced along with a new constitution.

So this is how works? A fine example of things to come!

No sooner had Jon Lansman declared the new situation than an email was sent out to all National Committee members spreading the good news. This email ends with an invitation to leave Momentum.

“If you consent to Momentum’s constitution, you do not have to do anything. Simply continue paying your membership fees. However, if you wish to opt out, you can email to cancel your membership.”

So you can nod through a new constitution discussed nowhere, amended by no one or you can leave!

According to the new constitution some members have no choice but to leave, they are, in effect, being expelled from Momentum because they’ve been expelled from the Labour Party. Most, myself included, have been expelled for political reasons, that is, being wrong kind of socialist, and have been provided with no evidence against them or had any opportunity to appeal. A practice generally condemned by the left in the Labour Party.

Is this the ‘new kind of politics’? Only it seems rather old fashioned, not to mention right wing. Neil Kinnock was expelling members back in the eighties only then Jeremy Corbyn was rightly campaigning against expulsions and for socialists to be readmitted into the Labour Party.

No one should leave Momentum, we should stay and organise in the local groups, establish the best possible, most democratic local groups network, intervene where we can in the bureaucratic structures and continue to build an activists movement all around the country.

There has always been willingness to compromise by those wanting a delegate based national conference in order for us to build a movement that can transform the Labour Party and defeat the Tories. Since the National Committee in Birmingham on 3 December two National Steering committees have been cancelled and the one arranged for this evening was usurped by Lansman’s coup-by-email last evening. This coup is astounding and not what any of us expected. I always doubted they would let the national delegate based conference go ahead but I did not anticipate this level of blatant anti-democratic carving. I do not understand this extreme response to one side winning a vote to organise a national conference where some of the time would be dedicated to discussing motions.

I urge activists to resist demoralisation and walking away from Momentum instead we should go to our local groups and discuss what’s happened, we should find a forum where we can all meet up nationally and strengthen the local group connections. We should continue with the good work many groups are doing all around the country. Our aim is to transform the Labour Party and to replace the Tories with a Labour Party that fights for the working class as hard as the Tories fight for the bosses class.

See Jon Lansman’s email and attached documents.

Proposal to Steering Group: A new constitution for Momentum
• Jon Lansman
Message body
Dear Colleagues
I am writing to explain why, in consultation with a number of others in Momentum, the Leader’s office and trade unions that have supported Jeremy Corbyn, I have decided to propose today that we immediately act to put Momentum on the proper footing that those dependant on the success of Jeremy’s leadership need it to be and our members want it to be.
Most of our members joined Momentum because they support Jeremy Corbyn and want to help him achieve what he is trying to do. We must put behind us the paralysis that has for months bedevilled all our national structures, and focus on our most urgent task – winning the general election that could come within months, by turning Labour into an effective force committed to that task, and to the transformative government that would follow.
I have also taken legal advice, based on a review of a substantial body of Momentum records, which is that in order to operate effectively as an organisation with members, Momentum needs written rules or a constitution with which all its members agree, and in our current circumstances, the only way of agreeing such a constitution which is binding on the relationship between the organisation and our members is to seek the individual consent of each of our members and affiliates.
The papers which are included in this mailing set out:
1. The results of the survey initiated by Jeremy Corbyn’s pre-Christmas message to Momentum members, which indicate members’ overwhelming support for the type of organisation we will continue to build, action-focused, rooted in our communities, wholly committed to the Labour Party, and involving our members directly in decision-making;
2. A constitution which establishes a sustainable democratic framework for the sort of organisation we need – an outwards-looking, campaigning organisation to change and strengthen the Labour Party, not to mirror its structures. This constitution would apply from now but would be reviewed in due course and be subject to amendments;
3. A paper on interim governance
4. A paper on election process for the new National Coordinating Group to replace existing regional and national structures.
The Constitution may not be perfect in everyone’s eyes, but, whatever process we follow, it is common ground that we need one, and it is surely better to have it now and amend it later by a process that is indisputable. As well as setting out the essential elements of our aims and objectives as they have always appeared on our website and in our public statements, the constitution:
1. Reinforces our wholehearted commitment to the Labour Party by restating our aim of working towards affiliation, and requiring all members to be party members;
2. Provides for elections and key decisions including changes to the constitution to be made by our members themselves;
3. Provides for a structure with minimum bureaucracy reflecting members desire to focus externally on organising and campaigning through our local groups, liberation networks and the Labour Party rather than internally on making policy for ourselves.
If this constitution is agreed, the effect would be to wind up the SC, the NC and CAC, with immediate effect, though the conference would go ahead but under the new rules, no motions would be considered.
If you are happy with all these proposals as they stand, please indicate by email. If there is a majority – I think we all recognise that we shall continue to disagree on this matter – I propose that we seek the approval of members immediately.
In solidarity

Jon Lansman
Momentum National Steering Group


15 thoughts on “Shocking turn of events! Stay in Momentum and build a local groups network!”

  1. Who does he think he is? My Momentum branch has already chosen its four delegates and its resolution for the February conference, as well as having decided its broad stance as regards a Momentum constitution! His proposal surely should have been discussed in detail by the Conference, alongside any rival constitutions, with the successful one being put to members via OMOV for their approval or rejection.

    Surely he was acting ultra vires, as was the majority of the Steering Committee.

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  2. Last night, my Momentum branch met. Like in the first comment above, we chose our four delegates for the national conference; we discussed possible constitutions and decided a broad stance for our delegates to take to conference; and we passed a resolution to take to conference. Then, as the meeting was ending, someone’s phone pinged with the sound of an e-mail; they read it (it was the e-mail with the subject “Momentum Moving Forward”) then they read it aloud! We could not believe it.


    1. I reckon all these delegates should actually convene in February and give their judgment on Lansman’s Constitution, along with any competing proposals, in conformity with their mandates. To say that this coup lacks legitimacy is an understatement.

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  3. Our local Momentum meeting 11 Jan voted to reject Lansman’s constitution, deplore the coup and call for the NC to meet and ensure the delegate conference goes ahead as planned. Our local group includes Jon Lansman, who was present at the meeting.

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    1. Another comrade sent round a report of the Southwark meeting Chris refers to:

      “Just come back from a very well conducted debate at our Southwark Momentum meeting on the decisions of the Steering Committee majority last night. There were two counterposed motions, one from Pascale Mitchell, which welcomed “the Steering Committee’s decision to introduce a constitution for momentum” and one from Richard Gerrard which stated: “This branch condemns the undemocratic dissolution of Momentum’s elected national and regional committees and the imposition of a new constitution by the steering committee majority. “Calls on Momentum branches to oppose this coup against the members and urges the national committee to convene itself, re-elect a new steering committee, declare the constitution invalid, and renew the mandate of the conference arrangements committee.” There was an excellent, well-behaved debate with people really concerned about the future of Momentum.Jon Lansman, who is a member of Southwark Momentum, was present and spoke in defence of his actions.The meeting voted by 17 – 10, with one abstention, in favour of Richard’s motion and by the same vote against Pascale’s.The meeting was held at a lovely venue in Bermondsey but I fear that the location proved difficult for some and may account for the lower than usual turnout.Thanks to Will Yong for doing an excellent job chairing and for everyone else who participated. It was a debate conducted in a comradely spirit, without heckling or rancour.”


    1. Hi Matthew – there wasn’t a previous constitution, but there were a series of democratic structures (originally established by those who carried out the coup!) which had debated the way forward and agreed a process to establish a constitution, through a conference of delegates from all local groups. Then a 6-4 email vote in an hour from a Steering Committee that hadn’t been re-elect since February 2016 abolished all those structures. So yes, a coup.


    2. Because the expulsions are undemocratic and carried out by the party bureaucracy as part of their push to undermine Corbyn.


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