What’s coming up at the 11 March grassroots Momentum conference?

I’m looking forward to seeing representatives from Momentum groups around the country at the grassroots networking conference in London on 11 March (10am-5pm at Conway Hall).

A few things I’d like to flag up in advance:

1. Whether through official resolutions or, even more importantly, through informal links made on the day, we need to push forward progress in getting Momentum groups to campaign actively on the issues facing us – through the Labour Party if we can, independently if we must. In addition to supporting workers in struggle, I have in mind particularly the NHS, migrants’ rights and the massive cuts to schools which are being imposed and which are certainly a big focus for us in Lewisham. I hope that proposals on these issues will emerge from the workshops.

2. I’m pleased representatives from two of the most significant workers’ struggles going on in Britain at the moment are coming to the conference Continue reading “What’s coming up at the 11 March grassroots Momentum conference?”